Why Benchmark? Advisers

Why benchmark? Information for Advisers

One of our objectives is to promote a more meaningful dialogue between SMSF investors and their advisers. Our reports, coupled with your advice, is a valuable combination.

If you’re an adviser, why would you want your clients and your prospective clients to benchmark their fund?

a)     For existing clients

  • It’s in your client’s best interest to get accurate and timely information about how their fund is really going. Therefore it’s in your best interest to provide it, even when things aren’t going so well in the short term;
  • Our reports can lead to winning conversations about why something has or has not worked well, over a period, and what action you recommend they take from here. As you know, this conversation is valuable.
  • Help your client assess whether their return was due to luck, or is it repeatable;
  • Use our reports to help your client understand how much risk they took in order to achieve a return. Could they have achieved a similar result with less risk? Should they have achieved greater performance given the level of risk they did take?
  • Use our reports to help your clients focus on what’s important to them, and to remain disciplined, or revise something if required;
  • By presenting our reports with your own commentary, you will gain trust, due to your open and honest communication. An adviser who welcomes benchmarking demonstrates confidence in the value of their advice, compared with advisers who are reluctant for their clients’ funds to be benchmarked.
  • Investors are more financially educated than 10 years ago, and they want better information. We can help you provide the most cutting edge information about how their fund is really going.
  • Using our reports will lead to more referrals from satisfied clients and Centres of Influence, especially when compared with advisers who do not wish their clients to be benchmarked.

b)     Prospective Clients

SMSF Benchmarks could be used as a new tool to appeal to High Net Worth (HNW) clients in the growing SMSF space.

Many SMSF Investors believe they are getting good results, yet they have never had the ability to benchmark how they are really going, in any accurate and timely way.

When prospective clients register on SMSF Benchmarks using your adviser code, you can offer them a new service, without them having to make the ultimate decision to engage you as their adviser straight away.

Each month, you can provide our reports, coupled with your commentary. As this information about their fund will probably be better than they’ve ever had before, you are likely to win their trust over time.

Once they see the value in your commentary combined with our reports, they will have every reason to engage you for your full advice service.