Why Benchmark? Adviser Firms

Why benchmark? Information for Adviser Firms

Talk to us about how SMSF Benchmarks can be used as part of a process to increase referral rates and retention rates.

SMSF Benchmarks is an online tool your advisers can use to provide existing and prospective clients powerful new information.

As the information is different to what is currently available, it can enhance the service you already provide.

Apart from helping your clients and prospective clients understand how their fund is going in a range of ways, we can give you reports showing how your group of clients is going, on the whole.

This will be useful information in running your business:

  • It will help your clients, because it will enable you to measure if the main approach your firm is using seems to be working, more often than not, or whether something could be changed;
  • If you find that your clients on the whole are doing better than most, then full credit to you – you should let everyone know about it;
  • It can help you benchmark how your business is going in the growing SMSF space.