Why Benchmark? Accountants

Why benchmark? Information for Accountants

SMSF Benchmarks provides new information for investors about how their Self-Managed fund is performing in a range of ways. As they will benefit from this information, it’s in their interests for you to let them, or their financial adviser, know about the service.

It’s up to you whether you recommend clients to subscribe directly, subscribe through their financial adviser, or subscribe through you.

When a client subscribes through you, you will be able to view member’s reports or provide reports to members, with or without commentary as a new value added service.

We can also give you reports showing how your group of clients is going, relative to other Self-Managed funds.

Where a client has been referred to you from a financial adviser, it may be more appropriate to let the adviser know about SMSF Benchmarks, and encourage them to register your mutual client. That’s up to you.

If one financial adviser encourages their clients to benchmark their performance and have open and honest discussions about the reports, and another adviser is reluctant, that may tell you something about the confidence the respective advisers have in their overall value proposition.

In a subsequent release we intend to have other reports to assist with compliance. More on that later…