SMSF Benchmarks – what’s involved?

It’s up to you how you use SMSF Benchmarks, and it depends on how much time you have.

Express Mode:

Get a quick and fairly accurate calculation of your Total SMSF return. Compare your balance, investment return and risk against other groups of ‘similar’ SMSFs.


Fund Setup:                   – 5 to 10  minutes

Data Input:                 – 10 to 15 minutes per year

1/ Set up fund

2/ Enter your total SMSF Balance at the START of a Financial year

3/ Enter contributions and pensions during the year

4/ Enter your TOTAL SMSF Balance at the END of a financial year


BINGO – On your dashboard you will see graphs comparing your balance, investment return, and risk against other similar SMSFs.







Explore Mode:

If you have a bit more time and share a little more information  you can:

1/ Get more accurate calculations and comparisons

2/ Look forward. Record how you intend to invest. Over time see how you actually invested compared to how you intended to invest, and learn how your investment behaviour affected your SMSF performance. This can assist with future decision making, which should lead to better outcomes over time.


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