How is my SMSF going?

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How is my SMSF going?

asset allocation riskWe answer the question “How is my SMSF going?”

Until now there has been a gap in the range of services available to SMSFs. There has been no way of really knowing how your fund is going, in a range of ways.

SMSFs usually invest differently to large funds, and the benchmarks typically used by large super funds are not appropriate.

It is sometimes hard to know or compare your returns, as there are different methods used and not all of them allow fair comparisons.

How is my SMSF going? There has been no accurate and timely way to compare your balance, returns and risk against all other SMSFs, others investing in a similar way to you, others of the same age-group or others in the same phase.

There have been no benchmark portfolios designed specifically for how SMSFs tend to invest.

This means that you have not been able to get affirmation that all is well, or an early warning that some action may be needed to get back on track.

Regular benchmarking is a healthy management practice, and for the first time, you can get this powerful information using SMSF Benchmarks.

Better information should help you and your adviser make better decisions, which should lead to better outcomes over time.

How we do it

You may like to refer to our User Guide for detailed information about our service.

  1. As we are totally independent we can compare SMSFs from across the entire industry, not just those using one administration service or those using an adviser, as this could lead to biased data;
  2. We calculate returns for all funds using a Time Weighted Return (TWR) method, the only method which allows fair comparisons, so there is a robust and accurate comparison;
  3. We define a series of benchmark portfolios specifically for Self-Managed Funds, and create groups of funds investing in a broadly similar way to each other, for more meaningful comparisons of “risk-adjusted” returns;
  4. We allow for the dynamic nature of SMSFs by capturing changes to asset allocation approaches for each fund, over time, so that we compare against the most appropriate group of funds over any period;
  5. We provide live reports each month, so that smart decisions can be based on timely information.