SMSF Education Module – Investment Performance and Benchmarking

Our SMSF Education Module on ‘Investment Performance Measurement and Benchmarking’ is designed to empower trustees to manage their fund well, not just compliantly.

This content makes up one of the Education Modules at SMSF Blueprint. They have 12  additional modules available to help you keep on top of what you can and can’t do in your fund.

The Topics are designed to be read in order, and we welcome your suggestions for improvements or additional topics.

SMSF Education Module

Topic 1:  What was my Investment Return?

Think you know what your return was over the past year? Which method was used to calculate it, and does that method allow fair comparisons? Is your return after fees and taxes, before fees and taxes, or a combination? Have you had a consistent amount invested through the whole period? What About Your Return Over 3 years?

It’s not obvious what your total fund return has been.

What was my investment return (v1.0)

Topic 2: Investment Return Vs Investment Performance

What’s the difference between your Investment Return, and your Investment Performance? There is a significant difference.

Return vs Performance

Topic 3: Do I have to benchmark my SMSF Performance?

You want to run your fund compliantly to keep the tax-man from your door right? Do you have to benchmark your total SMSF performance?

Do I have to benchmark my performance

Topic 4: Limitations with common benchmarks for SMSFs

How do you know your fund is going well? Can you benchmark against the ASX 200 on the news? How about an Industry fund? How do I interpret that Performance Report?

Limitations with benchmarks for SMSFs

Topic 5: How do I benchmark my SMSF performance

Given the limitations with typical benchmarks for SMSFs, how can I get good benchmarking information ?

How do I Benchmark my SMSF Performance