Complete privacy and security

Complete privacy and security


We protect and keep confidential all information in our service, other than “de-identified” data.

Examples of “de-identified” data would include some reports we may prepare based on statistics across all funds – without being able to identify which statistic related to which subscriber.

You can use hypothetical names for your fund or members if you want. We will not allow anyone to access our database for marketing purposes.


We go to great lengths to ensure that the personal information you submit to us online remains strictly confidential.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection, which scrambles your data, so that it is unreadable by third parties. It does this by:

1. Server authentication

The web server sends a digital certificate to your computer so that you can be sure of its identity.

2. Client authentication

Your computer in turn authenticates itself to the server by showing its digital signature.

3. Encryption connection

During the Internet connection, data is encrypted (i.e. scrambled) so that only your computer and the web server can understand the contents. This prevents other Internet users from intercepting the information sent between you and the web server.

Each subscriber has a unique email address, user account code and password and we use anti-bot validation at login.

We do not store credit card details on our system.

Note: If your adviser or accountant registers with us, you may subscribe via them. Firstly, it may be cheaper. Secondly, you may not need to enter your credit card and address. We will only require an email address.