Sample Reports

Sample Reports

my balance

My Balance (click image)

This report shows the progress of your fund balance over time compared with all other (subscriber) Self-Managed Funds, others in your age group, others in your phase, and others investing in a similar way to you.

You can view this information at both the fund level and the member level.

This report can give you peace of mind that you are travelling well, or an early indication that you may need to take some action to get back on track with your financial goals.

performance dash

My Performance (click image)

Over the selected period what was your return using a TWR method, and how does this compare to all other SMSFs, and others investing in a similar way to you?

How much “asset allocation” risk and “gearing” risk are you taking compared to all other funds, others in your age group, and others in your phase?


Performance Distribution (click image)

This report drills down deeper into the performance of your fund.

It allows you to see the proportion of all funds and funds investing in a broadly similar way to you, that you out-performed over selected periods.

The more information you have about the performance of your fund, the more power you have to make smart decisions, which should lead to better outcomes over time.