Tutorials for SMSF Performance

Making It easy to track your SMSF Performance

These short tutorial videos show you how to get started with SMSF Benchmarks and what’s needed to track your SMSF Performance.

1.  How to use the adviser code and/or discount code when subscribing

Before you subscribe, especially if your adviser or accountant has given you their adviser code, or you have a discount code to use,take a minute to view a short video in our “Tips & Tricks” area. Click here.

2. The setup process

At the end of your subscription, you will be directed to a “Welcome page” which invites you to “Begin Setup”.

To give you some powerful information about how your fund is really going we need to know a bit about your fund. This short video makes the setup process easy.

3. Manual Input of Monthly data

To properly benchmark your SMSF Performance, we need to record valuations and transactions, preferably monthly.

We also need to know if your fund information changes.

This tutorial video shows how easy it is to manually input the data.

4. The easy way to record valuations

Before you start entering valuations, it may help to watch a short video showing the easy way to do it, to save time. Click here. for our Tips & Tricks area, and watch “Tip 2”.

5. How do I get ‘SMSF Benchmarks’ to input the monthly valuations and cash-flow data for me?

Until we have automatic monthly feeds of valuation and cash-flow data, you can manually input the data- or get us to do it for you for free, using our “Elf Inputting service”. This tutorial shows you how easy it is to measure and compare your SMSF Performance.

6. Dashboard- My Balance

This tutorial shows you around the “My Balance” section of the Dashboard, and explains the reports.

7. Dashboard -My SMSF Performance

This tutorial shows you around the “My Performance” section of the Dashboard. Discover how your returns compared to others, and how much risk you are taking to achieve those returns.

8. Does it matter if I don’t record data monthly?

This tutorial looks at a feature of SMSF Benchmarks. The most accurate calculation and comparison of your investment return comes from recording monthly information.This also helps you build the most accurate “Personal Investor Profile” over time.

But there will be times where this won’t happen, which is fine.

Here’s how we deal with it.