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SMSF Benchmarking Reports

distributionGood SMSF Benchmarking information is hard to find, because SMSFs invest differently to large super funds, and there are limitations with the benchmarks typically used.

SMSF Benchmarks initially provides Peer-to-Peer comparisons against appropriate groups of other SMSFs.

We use a sophisticated method to choose the most appropriate groups of other SMSFs to compare against, allowing for changes to your Fund information, such as your target asset allocation,  over time.

At the end of each month, we record your month-end valuations and cash-flow data. We also ask you to confirm if there has been any changes to your Fund information. Either you enter the data, or get us to do it for you.

We need this information to help us accurately calculate your returns, using a Time-Weighted Return (TWR) method, and compare against the most appropriate groups of other SMSFs.

It also helps you to build a Personal Investor Profile over time, so you can learn some great information about where your behaviour has helped or hindered your performance.

The “Update Period” is the first 14 days of a month, where data gets recorded before we start making comparisons against other groups of funds.

After the Update Period, we process calculations and prepare 18 different comparisons (see below) to help you get better information about how your fund is really going in a range of ways.

Note that the calculation of medians will be regularly refreshed after the Update Period, and will automatically be reflected in the reports which are viewable on your “Dashboard”.


SMSF Benchmarking – Our Reports

18 Core Reports All (Subscriber) funds Same Age Group Same Phase (Pension /Accum) Similar Funds*
Fund Balance x x x x
Member Balance x x x x
Risk Vs Return x x
Distribution of returns x x
Asset Allocation risk x x x
Gearing Risk x x x

*Funds investing with a similar asset allocation to you.