How is my Self-Managed Super Fund Performing?

We aim to provide the best benchmarking information available for SMSFs.
We aim to provide the best benchmarking information available for SMSFs.

We begin with “Peer-to-Peer” comparisons of Balance, Returns and Risk

Compare your fund against appropriate groups of other SMSF investors.
Compare your fund against appropriate groups of other SMSF investors.

Our benchmarks allow for changes to asset allocation over time

Better information for better decisions and better outcomes.
Better information for better decisions and better outcomes.

Start building your “Personal Investor Profile”

Discover if your investment behaviour has helped or hindered performance.
Discover if your investment behaviour has helped or hindered performance.

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Why Benchmark?


Effective managers of anything from footy teams to banks and large Super funds, benchmark themselves against others.

Why? To get the best possible performance going forward. It is no different for your SMSF.

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Financial Advisers

These days, SMSF investors are looking for more from advisers. SMSF Benchmarks gives you more to give them.

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Adviser Firms

Apart from helping your existing clients, SMSF Benchmarks could be used as a new tool to appeal to HNW clients in the growing SMSF space.

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Our reports can be used as evidence that your clients have met their obligation to review their investment strategy. But quite apart from any compliance benefits, our reports will help your clients make good decisions, which should lead to better outcomes over time.

SMSF Benchmarks can also help you grow your business.

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SMSF Benchmarks – Get more from your fund

There are many investment approaches available to Self-Managed funds… some better than others.

How do you know if your approach is working well? You can’t compare against an industry fund, unless you’re also investing in infrastructure, hedge funds and unlisted property trusts, and you shouldn’t simply compare against the ASX200 price index, even if your entire fund is in Australian shares.

We aim to provide the best benchmarking information available for SMSFs, over 3 stages, beginning with high quality Peer-Peer comparisons.

SMSF Benchmarks allows you to compare your balance, risk and total fund returns against all other Self-managed funds (subscribers), others investing in a similar way to you, others in the same age group and others in the same phase.

For the first time you can see how your fund is really going, compared to others, over time.

If you find that you are out-performing, that’s great. You have affirmation that your approach is working well.

If you are under-performing in the short term, so what? Keep an eye on it.

But if you find that your fund is consistently under-performing, you have received some valuable information.

You and your trusted adviser can decide whether to maintain your approach, modify it, or perhaps adopt a different approach to keep on track to getting the lifestyle you want from your fund.

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High Quality Peer-Peer comparisons for Self-Managed funds

SMSF Benchmarks gives you new information about how your fund is really going compared to other SMSFs.

Our reports make it easy and fun to manage your fund, while empowering you to make smart decisions.

There are at least 5 reasons why the reports from SMSF Benchmarks give you the best information that you’ve probably ever seen before about your fund performance.

  1. As we are independent we can compare SMSFs from across the entire industry, not just those using one administration service or those using an adviser, as this could lead to biased data.
  2. We calculate returns for all funds using a Time Weighted Return (TWR) method, the only method which allows fair comparisons, so there is a robust and accurate comparison.
  3. We define a series of benchmark portfolios specifically for Self-Managed Funds, and create groups of funds investing in a broadly similar way to each other, for more meaningful comparisons of “risk-adjusted” returns.
  4. We allow for the dynamic nature of SMSFs by capturing changes to asset allocation approaches for each fund, over time, so that we compare against the most appropriate group of funds at all times.
  5. We provide live reports each month, so that smart decisions can be based on timely information.

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